Permit Expediting

In today's complex and ever-changing regulatory environment, it is critical to understand the legal permitting requirements for new development. Most projects require multiple permits, often from local, state, and federal agencies, and often with conflicting requirements. Additionally, many properties aren’t conducive to today’s retail tenants either due to zoning and use issues, or site constraints that require variances and other public hearing processes to obtain approvals. If permits aren't applied for as early as possible, or if applications are not complete, a project will potentially experience critical and costly delays.

DMG has personnel skilled at investigating, completing, and processing project permits quickly and efficiently. Whether a project is simple or one that requires a lengthy process, DMG represents their client’s interests at all levels of the process working with municipalities, neighborhood committees or other regulatory agencies all in the interest of getting a project under construction on schedule.

Our specific services include:

Coordination of construction documents, applications and fees in preparation for submission to jurisdictional review agencies

Follow-up with review agencies and coordination with design team and client regarding status of approvals and need for revisions/response/resubmittal

Represent client at meetings with City, public hearings process (Planning Commission, City Council, Board of Zoning Appeals, etc.) relating to approvals, rezoning, variances, neighborhood committees