Bidding & Construction Administration

DMG’s construction management services support our clients by assisting your contractors in delivering high quality projects, on time and within budget. Pressure is increasingly falling on owners to deal with complex construction issues from value engineering to bidding, contractor selection to change orders. DMG’s significant experience dealing with these issues helps to assure an on-time/on-budget delivery that meets the client’s needs.

Our specific services include:

Review of construction documents and due diligence materials to ensure efficient and economical construction methods are being recommended

Issuance of bid documents to client’s qualified contractors. We can also provide assistance in identifying and qualifying potential new contractors.

Review of bid submittals and recommendations for award of contract

Preparation and execution of construction contracts

Periodic inspections of the site as dictated by the client to monitor compliance with the construction documents, building & safety codes and other regulations

Preparation of progress and cost-tracking reports, construction photographs 

Also Included:

Coordination with design team for timely reviews of shop drawings

Monitoring of project construction to take appropriate actions to deal with the results of delays, bad weather or emergencies that may impact the scheduled completion and/or cost of the project

Coordination with the client, contractor and design team to discuss and resolve matters such as work procedures/performance, complaints and construction problems

Management of change order process to minimize delays and additional costs

Review contractor pay requests to ensure that milestones are being met

Coordination of the final stages of construction including punch lists, tenant inspections and turnover commitments